The skipper

Laurent Jubert is a physiotherapist specialized in the respiratory field and a tobacco expert.


Skipper amateur, Laurent knows weel that to stand up the Breathing Space as it should during the Route du Rhum he must train hard. Muscular training, endurance in the high mountains, new pace of sleep (not easy to sleep 20 minutes every 2 hours) are part of his new daily to prepare his race.

On November 4, Renaissance and Laurent will leave for more than 5,700 kilometers, or 3,542 miles for connoisseurs, and will have one month to reach in Point-à-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe. This challenge does not scare them! On board of his connected boat, Laurent supports patients in the coping strategies with their environment: wind, weather, pollution, emotions, fatigue, sleep, food … to arrive safely in their plan.



th birthday



Renaissance is a 16m schooner celebrating its 40th birthday as the Route du Rhum.

t has already done a round-world trip and should take the whole month of November to get to Pointe-À-Pitre. It is therefore the ideal ship for a long time media that will cover all the Moi(s) Sans Tabac” (French Tobbaco cessation month) and respiratory solutions for an healthy breathing. 

It left the construction site at the end of April, after a major refurbishment (more than 290 points of controls were sifted). 

It is now the time for strenuous and regular training to refine the various settings inherent to an ocean crossing.

Renaissance will raise the colors of L’Espace du souffle (The Breathing Space) to change the look on the respiratory patients and raise the profile of respiratory health.

Le Souffle Court

This year, the L’Espace du Souffle (Breathing Space) has launch project « Le Souffle Court (“The Race For Breath ») that is promoting respiratory prevention on the occasion of the action Moi(s) sans tabbac « (Me (s) without Tobacco »), thee French tobacco cessation month in November 2018.
In France, more than 7 million people suffer from chronic respiratory diseases. More than a third of French is a smoker and 1 out of 2 smoker will die from it. We have more than 66,000 tobacco deaths in France a year, and 48,000 deaths a year are attributed to air quality. Respiratory prevention far exceeds the successful challenge of road safety.

Our commitment is to promote and foster the concept of « respiratory prevention » during the month of November by communicating innovative solutions to young people, smokers and respiratory patients. The Route du Rhum is our choice to highlight « Le Souffle Court” (The Race for Breath): Laurent Jubert, physiotherapist, tobacco expert but also amateur skipper, will participate in this international and popular competition celebrating its 40 years this year, which will leave on November 4, 2018.

Through social networks before, during and after the race, we will prepare and accompany people trying to quit smoking. Because support does a lot, it is an opportunity to join a team of participants to share their experience and maintain their motivation.

The preservation of air quality will also be at the center of our approach because people with respiratory failuer are our whistleblowers. These are the first people with disabilities due to the deterioration of air quality.

To support the participants in this challenge, during the crossing, Laurent will send small videos and messages to talk about the Moi(s) Sans Tabac (“Me without tobacco”) and solutions to respiratory diseases.

The Breathing Space

L’Espace Souffle, (“The Breathing Space“) is an non-for profit organization, created in January 2009, gathering of all the pulmonologists of Indre-et-Loire county, a group of respiratory physiotherapists specialized in the management of respiratory diseases, and the all the associative structures and associations of patients involved in the management respiratory diseases.

They wanted to bring together in one place a space devoted to respiratory rehabilitation, a structure for therapeutic classes in asthma and COPD, certified by the local health authorities. 

Since 2009, more than 2000 patients have benefited from follow-up within this organization.

The L’Espace du Souffle (“breathing space”) is also a place where clinical trial and bibliographic resources can be gathered in which the pulmonologists, radiologists, anatomopathologists, microbiologists, physiotherapists and psychologists regularly share their experiences in the context of continuing education courses, or diagnostic or therapeutic review of difficult cases.

Our News

Route of the Rum. A long-wind challenge

Crossing the Atlantic to promote smoking cessation and awareness of respiratory problems is the idea of ​​skipper Tobaccoologist Laurent Jubert. Aboard the Renaissance schooner, he will be leaving the Route du Rhum on November 4th in Saint-Malo.

Sailing – A French Physio form Tours will join the Route du Rhum

Laurent Jubert, a physiotherapist at L’Espace du Souffle (“Breathing Space”) in Tours, has just launched a challenge. He will contest the next Route du Rhum aboard a schooner for the month without tobacco. He launches crowdfunding.

The Breath Space is riding high!

November will be the month without tobacco and will correspond to the race the 40th Route rum. Two events and the same cause for Laurent Jubert, that of respiratory diseases to which this physio, tobacco therapist and coordinator at the Breath Space wants to raise awareness.

Laurent Jubert will take the departure of the Road of the Rum in November, during the Me without Tobacco. A sports challenge to take preventive action.

A physio on the Road of the Rum? Yes, and not in the supervision of the event: Laurent Jubert joined to compete for this race, solo, a sailboat of 16m so old as the competition. His name rings very ligérien: the Renaissance.

VIDEO. Tours: the physiotherapist gets ready for the Road of the Rum

Respiratory physio and tabacologue in the Space of the breath, Laurent Jubert is going to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Indeed, on November 4th, he takes the departure of the Road of the Rum, on the occasion of the month without tobacco. The objective is not the classification(ranking) but to mediatize at the most and until its outcome the month without tobacco. To do it, he(it) is going to navigate a boat of 1978, is also old as the race. The tabacologue compares the efforts that it will lead on board to those whom lives a smoker to stop.

The generosity stronger than the wind

For its seventh edition, the regatta of the Hope, organized by the Club of veil in Bretonnières, knew the complicated beginning. For lack of wind, the night sleeves which had to take place on Friday evening must be cancelled. Not of what to cool the enthusiasm of the organizers and the competitors who found themselves on Saturday at 2 pm. About ten Weta in competition was engaged in beautiful fights all afternoon long.
At 6 pm, it is in Closed New that sailors and amateurs of veil found themselves to attend two conferences. « I am not Breton, I am from Vosge and I learnt has to make of the boat for Epinal », underlines funnily Charlie Capelle. At the same time runner of seas and manufacturer of boats, Charlie gets ready for his fifth participation for the Road of the Rum, the race.

A physio Inhabitant of Tours launches into the Road of the Rum

For Laurent, it is almost kid’s dream which is going to come true soon. In a month, he(it) will be from the mythical Road of the Rum. A solitary adventure, of course, but also united because he wants with this challenge to alert on the misdeeds of the cigarette.

Road of the Rum. Laurent Jubert (The Space of the Breath)

Laurent JUBERT, 43, on The Space of the Breath is committed on the 11th edition of the Road of the Rum in the category RhumMono. The solo race dashes on November 4th of Saint Malo. More than 120 skippers will be on the starting line, in front of the Point of Grouin. Direction Guadeloupe! The fleet decomposes into six categories: ultimate, Imoca, Multi50, Class40, RhumMono, RhumMulti.

The Respiratory Physiotherapy sets off to some Rum

In November is as every year the month without tobacco it is also the month dedicated to the mythical transatlantic race  » The Road of the Rum « . Our colleagues and friends of The Space of the Breath in Tours needed not less to associate both. Laurent Jubert and all his team thus went up this project ambitious to charter a boat and to contribute for the sport to this race which is just 40 years old and which saw crossing on the podium the biggest names of the sail. We can remember Florence Arthaud’s victory in 1990.

It passed what in September?

In September, there were things in the Short Breath … At the beginning of the month, 11 and September 18th, we organized our first partner evenings, to the restaurant O’ BR in Tours centers. It is for us the opportunity to thank all the people that support us in the project, around a good meal (…)

A physiotherapist on the Road of the Rum to promote "I without tobacco"

On the occasion of the Me without tobacco which begins on November 3rd, the physiotherapist and tabacologue Laurent Jubert will dash solo on November 4th on the Road of the Rum.Member of the association The Space of the Breath, he will lean on this race of international fame to take preventive action against the consumption of the tobacco and communicate on the smoking cessation.

Broadcast of 08 November.

Broadcast of 07 November.

Broadcast of 06 November.

Broadcast of 05 November.

Broadcast of 04 November.

Broadcast of 03 November.

Broadcast of 02 November.

Broadcast of November 1st.

TV Tours

A winning inhabitant of Tours of the competition of weather forecaster.

"LE Grand Talk"

The little story : Route du Rhum, Route du Souffle

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